Yonger Sunglasses Eyeglasses Case – Durable, Semi Hard EVA Zippered Sport Glasses or Goggles Holder,Coffee ,1PC

Feature: - Sunglasses case for polarized andamp; anti-reflective glasses- Swim goggles case- Ski goggles case- Sports safety goggles case- Eyeglass case for sports glasses with protective lenses- Glasses case for everyday wearA full zipper enclosure allows for easy opening and closing. No broken hinges, tearing of the inner lining, or strange chemical odor found in other glasses cases.Boys, girls, men, and women of all ages will love this practical and chic fashionable case.Whether you're climbing a mountain, lounging at the beach, rushing through your daily commute, bicycle riding in the park, hanging out at a picnic, watching a game, or just reading at home, the case is the perfect portable way to protect your frames and keep them at your side for when you need them.

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