Zaditor Antihistamine Eye Drops, Twin Pack, 5-mL Each

Zaditor is designed to temporarily relieve itchy eyes for up to 12 hours with just one drop. Twelve hours is a lot of relief, and that’s a good thing. Zaditor is the original triple-action, prescription-strength formula that works in minutes to deliver up to 12 hours of eye itch relief, by targeting itchy eyes right at the source. And unlike most over-the-counter eye drops, Zaditor uses only an antihistamine to temporarily relieve itchy eyes and doesn’t contain a vasoconstrictor—the stuff that only works temporarily to “get the red out.” Since there is no vasoconstrictor, Zaditor is safe to use on children three years and older. Allergens are everywhere. To think that such tiny little particles can pack enough of a punch to derail us is frustrating. So start fighting the allergens that cause itchy eyes—all you need is Zaditor Eye Drops. Use Zaditor to defeat the triggers that cause itchy eyes. HOW TO USE: Make sure you always wash your hands before applying eye drops. STOP: It’s easier to apply ZADITOR Eye Drops when you’re not moving. Tilt your head back and look upward. Use your fingertips to gently press the skin just beneath your lower eyelid and then pull it away from the eye to make a space. DROP: Hold the dropper above your eye and gently squeeze one drop into the space. Be careful not to touch your eyelid or surrounding area with the dropper tip of the bottle. Put one drop in the affected eye(s) twice daily every 8–12 hours, no more than twice per day. ATTACK: Release your eyelid and gently blink to spread the powerful relief of ZADITOR around your eye.

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