Kimkoo Eye Mask for Dry Eyes&Microwave Warm Eye Heat Mask,Eye Compress Moist Heat

Hot Compress Eye Mask-Recommended by ophthalmologists. A proven and very natural method to help improve eye health. An effective alternative to eye drops. Effectively relieves eye fatigue, helps with the treatment of dry eyes, eye itching, and blepharitis, as well as improving overall eye health. The hot compress eye mask assists in stabilizing the lacrimal membrane, helping to restore the natural defense of eyes against tear evaporation, by improving the oil gland secretion function and slowing down the evaporation. It thus refreshes, rejuvenates and revitalizes your eyes. No need to add water - the flaxseed filling can absorb and store moisture from the air and release it during the microwave heating. The hot water vapor generated helps with eye compression. The product has been tested by a CPSC approved testing laboratory, and you can use it with confidence. It's not only suitable for dry eyes, but for anyone who wants to have healthier eyes. Many factors, for instance, aging, use of contact lenses and frequent use of computers and mobile phones, can lead to Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), dry eye disease, inflammation of the eyelids, blepharitis and other infections. The most common symptoms include itching and eye inflammation, redness, edema and swelling.

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