Syn-ake Snake Botox DNA Serum | Anti Wrinkle Snake Venom Cream with Syn-ake

Formulated with clinically proven Temple Viper Venom derived Syn-Ake, DNA Serum is the world's most potent expression wrinkle filling eye serum. Scientifically designed and laboratory formulated, DNA Serum significantly reduces the appearance wrinkles and drastically improves skin firmness and elasticity. This Eye Serum is created with a special proprietary blend of four clinically proven precursor pool peptides, DNA Serum is designed to lift and firm the skin around the eyes, where an injection can not reach. DNA Serum contains 5% Syn-Ake DNA Serum draws much of its wrinkle-fighting power from its high concentration of Syn-Ake, which is a small peptide that mimics the activity of Waglerin 1, a polypeptide that is found in the venom of the Temple Viper, Tropidolaemus waglerin. Clinical trials have shown that Syn-Ake is capable of reducing crow's feet and other expression wrinkles in the face, and especially around the eyes and on the forehead, by inhibiting muscle contractions. In a 28-day study that was performed on 45 volunteers, Syn-Ake was able to reduce wrinkles on participants' foreheads by up to 52%. Argireline & Leuphasyl Hexapeptides are Designed to Work Together In a 28-day study in which participants received Argireline, Leuphasyl or a combination of Argireline and Leuphasyl, the participants who received both peptides experienced nearly a 25% reduction in expression wrinkle depth. DNA Serum also contains Eyeseryl to Lighten Dark Circles around the Eyes Eyeseryl is a tetrapeptide with anti-oedema properties that has been clinically proven to have a proven efficacy for reducing puffiness, dark circles and eye bags by a significant amount. DNA Serum is MADE IN THE USA in an FDA Registered Facility and backed by the SkinPro 100% Money Back Guarantee

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